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Mathematical game models

A mathematical model for the game of roulette No1

Author: Zlatko Vukovic, Vase Stajić 9 / 12,24000Subotica, Serbia
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Mathematical Model Gaming (MMG) - even chances

(black – red, even - odd, highlow)

Simple chances often come in series of 4 (four) and several consecutive spins (6 reds, 10 high etc) as for example in Vegas we have the occurrence of 29 consecutive blacks.

MMG successfully detects these series and the average result is up to 10 chips per table.

MMG defines the exact moment of series search start, how many times the series has been searched for, when the search stops and when it starts a new attempt to find a series.

An example of number occurrence

  12 X     X
26   X   X  
17     X   X
10   X     X
29     X X  
28   X   X  
13     X   X
  27   X X  
31     X X  
  3   X   X
8   X     X
  12 X     X
6   X     X
13     X   X
U - undefined
  1. Single,1 odd................................S1
  2. Two even series,2 low.................................S2
  3. Three even series,3 even..............................S3
  4. Four even series,4 odd................................S4
  5. Five even series,5 low.................................S5
  6. Six even series,6 black.............................S6

Game Modes

In the example above, of the statistics of the numbers exit, signal for the start of the game is the appearance of 6 (six) black numbers, so we start searching for the series of the same characteristics (B-R,E-O,H-L)), and so we play the first few (MMG provides accurate number) S2 (series of the two identical characteristics). With the appearance of the number 27 we have (series of the two identical characteristics, two odd numbers).

  1. We play 1 chip on the odd- The number 31 comes out+1 chip
  2. We play 1 chip on the odd and 1 chip on the higs ones,becose we have S2(a high one)- The number 3 comes out so that we have on the odd +1, and -1 at the high one0
  3. We play only 1 chip on the odd- The number 8 comes out-1 chip
  4. We play on the low 1 chip, because S2 ( low ) appeared- The number 12 comes out+1 chip
  5. We play 1 chip on the low S2 (low ) and 1 chip on even S2 ( even )- The number 6 comes out+2 chips
  6. We play 1 chip on the low and 1 chip on even- The number 13 comes out we have +1 chip on the low and -1 chip on even0



You can try it for yourself (Spielbank Wiesbaden-live, casino archives, roulette simulation ...) and after the appearance of (for example) the first series of 5 of the same characteristics (B-R,E-O,H-L ), by playing the first appearance of S2, for a limited number of times (3, 4, 5 ....) try looking for more series of the same characteristics.You will be winning a gain, that would be a far greater with the knowledge of the MMG, with far smaller intervals of waiting to start searching for a new series (additional signs for start the game).

MMG gives the exact number of the same characteristics in the series when it you starts searching it, the exact number of search attempts, when the game stops on the acquired series, when it is not playing despite the appearance of a series of the same characteristics , as well as variants of duplication of gains, which allows playing the game on several tables.


The inspiration of the author of MMG came as a result of reading about the famous roulette player Richard Jarecki. During his series of games in San Remo and Monte Carlo in 1971, Mr. Jarecki won over 1.28 mil dollars. During the night, he played at times, placing chips on simple chances, changing tables and betting from time to time, coming back to collect the multiplied chips when he hits the series of simple chances. Croupiers have been changed after every several spins, but he kept on winning.

MMG Facts

-Simple monitoring and playing ( +, -)
- Allows simultaneous playing on multiple tables
- It works on online live roulette, electronic roulette with mechanical trackball.
-Successfully tested ( over 1.000.000 spins)
-Required number of chips for lifetime bank-role is 300 chips.

Test Results

Learning MMG

Two learning levels of MMG are available:

1. MMG 1 - price 200€ - free check, contact us.

Enables winning 5 chips (in average) per table per night (200 spins).


Provides additional signs to search series.

Plays the numbers.

Enables winning 15 chips (in average) per table per night (200 spins).

Duplication of gains(Jarecki)

Practical training (private lessons, joint game for real money): deal



MMG will be delivered to the customer within 24 hours,after the payment,via e-mail.

For the chosen MMG learning level or levels we accept payments by Skrill, Western Union and bank account.

Contact us for more information.

MMG - Challenge - Money-back Guarantee

To each buyer will be guaranteed a refund increased by 50% if within 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchase,allows us access to his test and proof that for 30 consecutive days in the selected table from the archives of authentic spins of any valid casinos, for example Spielbank-Wiesbaden, did not achieve a gain of at least 50 chips (MMG1) or 150 chips (MMG master).

The test always starts from the first to the last spin of the day in the selected table.

Fillcom is not responsible for any loss when using MMG since there is no possibility of checking the knowledge of players.

MMG Intellectual Property

MMG`s copyrights are protected in ZIS (Institute for Intelectual Property of Serbia) and WIPO. The MMG author Mr. Zlatko Vukovic, graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica, Serbia, in 1987.

Zlatko Vukovic
tel +38163515199

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